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  1. Thanks so much for your blog. Two days ago, my cat had a hind leg amputated because of a vaccine-related fibrosarcoma. Your blog was one of the resources I devoured prior to making the decision. I am so glad there are stories out there like yours to help guide us!

    You’ve inspired me to document the journey in a blog, as well. Hopefully, it will help others, too.

  2. Arbitrary Says:

    I’m really happy you found it useful. It;’s the main reason I posted at all… as I’m sure you found, there’s not a ton of resources about cat amputations and what it’s like to have an amputee in the house.

    I honestly don’t think you’ll regret the decision, we didn’t really have a choice, but if we had, I would have made it. You’ll have some really really dark times of fear, concern, worry and a not-normal cat. But it subsides, and they recover. And Diesel is now even better than he was pre-surgery, because all the pain is gone, and he’s back to being a 5-year-old playful cat again.

    It sounds horrible, but I’m really really happy things happened this way. And definitely read through Bella’s story (on the tripodbella site) because Bella is a hind leg amputee and full of mischief and fun!

    Of course, where our stories differ from the main tales you’ll hear, is that neither your cat nor Diesel had an accident. I’m not sure if that makes it easier or harder for them. All I know is that the 3-legged-ness seems really natural to him already, and we’re only a few months in.

    Also, my uncle has a hind leg amputee and he’s the softest, most adventurous cat I know! it gave me a great deal of comfort to go visit him.

    If you EVER need to talk, to email or to just express your fears in your cat’s recovery, just let me know and I’ll send you my details. And let me know the blog details and I’ll link them here.

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