One year on

It’s been a full year now since Diesel’s leg amputation and it was honestly one of the best things that could have happened. He’s happy again, he can do everything he did before he had the leg amputated. And he’s in no pain, nor does it seem the cancer has returned or been hidden anywhere inside him. Originally, the vet told us he /might/ have lived a year with it, as it spread up his leg and into his internal organs. But it would be a year in excrutiating pain. Instead we had a scary week of post-op recovery followed by a super loving cat settling into his new way of life. I love him so much!

Thanks to everyone who’s visited the blog, got in touch with their own tales and who also has a three-legger to deal with. I’ve learned so much from you all. And from the resilience and remarkable recovery of our very special cats.


23 Responses to “One year on”

  1. That’s marvellous news 😀

    ❤ Diesel

  2. Ilona Grasberg Says:

    My Pinky just had his rear right leg amputated (Osteosarcoma). I’ve been a nervous Mom all day and in fact my Vet just called me. Said surgery was a success! I wanted to thank you for sharing your story…it has certainly made me feel a whole lot better as I’ve been scared and nervous and constantly crying for a week now.

    • How is Pinky? My cat is boarded at hospital for 15 radiation treatments prior to surgery (left hind leg). I am hoping for a miracle, but surgery is planned for a month following (possible amputation if radiation isn’t as successful as we hope. I’m just trying to find info from others going through this.

  3. sharon jones Says:

    my cat mollie was shot on sat morning and we has a choice to either put her to sleep or have her front leg removed what a decision but we gave her another chance and had her leg removed it has been a hard few days but she seems well and is getting about everywhere so i think we did the right thing we love her so much!!!

  4. So glad to find your blog as our boy Pilot is getting on 2 weeks (tomorrow, he also gets his stitches out) had his back left leg amputated because of a tumor. It’s been such a rollercoaster. We’ve dealt with his mood, his appetite, his litterbox use and his movement. He was before moving really well, jumping up and down from furniture all by himself. Now suddenly he isn’t walking much, sleeping a lot and hobbling. He won’t even really try to get up on the bed or the sofa. We think it’s the cone and he’ll be better without it. He gets his stitches out today and we can say goodbye to the cone of shame.

  5. arbitrary Says:

    We found the collar really upset Diesel when he was starting to feel better, so hopefully that’s what’s happening with Pilot too! Fingers crossed.

    • It seams to be the case with Pilot as well, he’s already doing so much better without the cone. This is the 3rd time he’s had the cone and he really hates it. I hope this is the last time.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your kitty’s story. Our kitty Sam is having his left front leg removed tomorrow and your words and pics have been very encouraging and comforting as we prepare for what is to come. Thank you!!

    • How did Sam’s op go? It’s been a month now, so hopefully he’s starting to properly recover..

      • Sam is doing fabulously!! Just this morning I was saying to my husband how I would forget he even had the surgery if not for the “clip-clop” sound of his hop/walk now (we have hardwood floors). He was back to his old self in about 2 weeks time. It is AMAZING how well these kitties adapt! Good luck to you and your kitty!

  7. My cat, Boo, is due for radiation next week and then surgery due to a Fibrosarcoma tumor (vaccine-site). Amputation of left hind leg is yet to be determined. All I do is cry and I’m hoping someone can give me some hope. She is an outdoor cat (day only) and isn’t happy being indoors. Not sure if it will be totally devastating and ruin her good nature if she isn’t allowed out ever again. I don’t think I could handle that. I don’t think it is right for a cat to be kept indoors.

    • Diesel goes outside as much as he ever did (ie. he hangs out in our backyard but won’t leave it), I don’t think the amputation will change that for Boo, aside from recovery time and some adjustment in terms of jumping ability and stuff. Honestly, I hope this does give you some hope, Diesel’s now 2.5 years post-amputation and really does everything he did before it (but with a slightly bigger tummy!)

      • Thank you for replying. Boo wouldn’t be a happy indoor cat. She was born in a barn and has always been an outdoor cat after 8 weeks of training in yard. She travels through the neighborhood and everyone knows her. I’m worried that this radiation/surgery will force her to be indoors and she won’t be happy. It pains me to see her unhappy.

  8. I guess I should mention, I lost my baby boy Pilot a bit over a month ago. He had another tumor, on his eyelid this time and after that was removed we found out he had tumors in his lungs. It was devastating and I’m still grieving over this every single day, he died in my arms. I wrote more about this on my blog if anyone is interested. Enjoy every moment, we aren’t guaranteed as much time with our furkids as we deserve.

  9. HI! My tortie Wasabi had one of her rear legs removed Dec 2011 due to an injection site sarcoma…it came back 6 mths later. So we had the sarcoma removed again. Well, its back again! I am so confused as to what to do…remove it again or put her down?? She is 11 and is happy, hungry and feisty. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s so hard to say, however as far as my baby boy Pilot who I had no choice to put down because of tumors in his lungs I would have probably tried to keep him alive forever, missing him is excruciating. At the same time it gets to a point where you have to say enough is enough but that’s up to you. Can you afford it? Is the stress of this getting to you because I know the stress of Pilot’s cancer did a number and me and my husband. I hope whatever you choose to do that you all can have some peace in the future.

    • I hope you are all still well. I was wondering if Wasabi had radiation prior to amputation? My Boo is in the process of radiation prior to surgery (possible amputation).

    • Thanks, Colleen. Did he have radiation prior to surgery? Sorry for so many questions, but I have been doing nothing but crying since Boo’s diagnosis.

      • Says:

        Wasabi did not have radiation. And they have dug out the tumor twice already. She acts totally fine. No signs of illness only the tumor keeps growing back. Its $500 each time. The amputation was $1,500. I don’t know if I should put her through the surgery for a third time??
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        • Thanks, again. They wanted to shrink tumor as much as possible prior to surgery, so this is the reason for radiation. I am looking for a miracle. It is killing me just having her in there for 15 days of radiation. She must hate me.

  10. Keep fighting!! Cute cat! I have a cat with the syndrome “Twisted leg” he only use three legs.

    • My Boo has finished her 15 radiation treatments. What a long journey that was. TIring and stressful for the both of us. Good news is….tumor has shrunk and will continue to shrink (I am told) for a few weeks. So, in December, I will take her back to determine if she will still need leg amputated. To be honest, I am not sure I can handle that news. She has been through so much and now this? If she has this surgery, it will be 2 days prior to Christmas week (my vacation), so I can be at home with her. Not a very joyous Christmas for any of us, but she is still with us. Any information anyone can give me on what to expect when she returns home if amputation is required would be appreciated. What kind of care?

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