Diesel having a stretch

He doesn’t often lie ‘missing leg’ up, so this is a quick vid I took of him, years after the op so you can see how healed he is now. And how cute!


11 Responses to “Diesel having a stretch”

  1. It’s lovely to see how they adapt. Our cat Slinky had her right front leg amputated following an accident in July 12. We were devastated at the time but your blog helped us through. Thanks for the update

  2. My 10 year old cat Magnolia had her front leg removed on Monday. She had a broken leg due to a tumor. The vet recommended amputation. She is really getting around much better than I ever expected. It was all just such a shock to the system. I still have the fear of cancer lurking somewhere. He chest x-ray was clear. Your story gives me hope! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • It’s a good few years on now for us, and still anytime Diesel is a bit whiny or under-the-weather I do a pat-down to try and find areas of pain in case it’s cancer again. I don’t think you ever get over that. Hope Magnolia improves at the rate Diesel did (and doesn’t expect quite as many treats as he does now).

  3. geneci farias Says:

    my cat (mariah) her front leg is going to be removed due to a tumor, or i have the option to put her to sleep, and that brakes my heart.the hardest decision i ever have to make.

    • It is a really hard call, depends on so many factors. I was lucky because the vets didn’t ask my opinion – they just said they were going to do it since he was already drugged up for the X-Rays. And Diesel was really young at 5 yrs old. I hope whatever happens that you find the strength to get through it.

      • Our baby Pumpkin will likely need amputation due to a tumor…we are terribly upset but glad your diesel is doing so well,gives us hope.

  4. Our kitty, Brutus has now had 2 surgeries since January of this year. His left leg all of a sudden was swollen, puffy and three times the size of the right one. Surgery reduced the swelling, but now it’s May and Brutus is still not better. The vets are great. He has been seen by two doctors given the strongest antibiotics and laser treatments. Still not healed. Soon we are running out of options. Amputation is the next step. I’m frightened but hate to see him this way. Everything about Brutus is otherwise perfect. You can see more on http://www.nadiyahvidsten.com. Appreciate any feedback

  5. I have just read your postings as my cat Mitzi had her hind leg amputated just yesterday after 6 weeks attemp with internal and external metal work to no avail. I got her home last night as she was howling the vets down and them knowing her so well by now they knew she was better at home. Horrendous evening but she finally settled at midnight , has had a good sleep and just eaten some food which contained her antibiotic and pain killers. Your story has seen me through the night. Thank you!!
    Mitzi will be 8 next month and was hit by a car . My hope now is she will venture no further than my back garden which has a 6ft high fence all round .

    • Wow, I remember just how awful that first night at home was, sorry you had the same experience. I think that really was the worst for us, and now she’s eating I’m sure she’ll do better than you can imagine. Poor Mitzi. My uncle’s cat has a hind leg amputation and he’s a complete devil for playing it up, he sits and whines until people scratch behind his eat. He does still go out, but without a fence to keep him in. So yes, I think maybe Mitzi will stay nearer home from now on. Amusingly Diesel only ever went into our backyard, but I found him halfway up the fence last week (thought it was our other cat doing the jumping!). Luckily he really can’t get over the fence!

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