9 Years old

So he’s now 9, still going strong – but becoming a soppy old man. This is a link to a Vine video to celebrate which shows how perky he still looks, and shows he’s missing a leg. Keep strong everyone else going through this!

Diesel wanting to jump on sofa to be with me


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  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for sharing Diesel’s story. I have just taken in a three-legged cat who looks a lot like Diesel with the same leg amputated. I don’t know his story but he was found abandoned and given to an animal sanctuary where he was happy but comfort eating and struggling with competition the other animals. I volunteer there and they suggested I take him as I have a quiet home where he has more chance to thrive. It makes me feel sad that he has had to endure pain and loss – not just of his leg, but his family and security – I hope he finds his confidence again and enjoys the sort of happy life that Diesel clearly has with you.

  2. Thank you for sharing yours and Diesel’s story. My cat has just undergone an amputation of his front left leg (he’s still at the vet’s). I have friends with tripod kitties, but for all of them, it’s the back leg – I was worried about how much of a difference it would be on the front.
    I feel much better now after reading about Diesel!

    • I have to say that’s exactly why I made the blog, I couldn’t find many front leg amputation stories! I’m glad you feel better about it all, if you have any questions as your cat recovers, feel free to ask

  3. Chrisitne Says:

    HI Bex,

    Thank you for creating this blog. We just recently found that our dear, sweet boy Tigger has cancer in his front right paw. We’ve been going back and forth on whether removing the leg is the right thing to do, or if we should have him undergo surgery (to remove the mass) followed by 18 days (over 3 1/2 weeks) of radiation. His little sis, Emma, already hisses at him if just goes for a simple vet visit. I’m wondering if she’ll be able to love him again if he smells like other animals for that long. Also, he’s going to be 13 next month and we’re questioning his recovery from either option. Any suggestions you have are very welcome.
    Thank you and Bless you.

  4. This really helps me, my cat Boo(6years old)is about to have to get his leg amputated due to cancer in his back left leg. He had a biopsy done yesterday and came home shaking, I felt so bad. Also I worry that Jynxi (his sister) will act the same after the surgery. So I decided to do my research on how I can help, for when he does have to lose his leg. Happy to say I feel a lot more confident about it now, thanks for making this website. I hope it helps other as much as it did me.

  5. I hope it all goes well with Boo!

  6. So glad to find this blog. It was comforting to read. My baby is a five yr old brown tabby who just had her right hind leg amputated — seven days ago. She had cancer (large, sudden tumor) they say caused by her rabies vaccine. I worry about the return and pray that we are done with it all. I don’t want my decision to amputate be in vain. She is resting A LOT. But, I think it’s good that she is nursing herself. She has already jumped from floor to bed a couple of times but I think for now prefers the easy route floor, chair, bed. One more day of anti-inflammatory med (for pain). I hope she is not in pain pain. She doesn’t seem extremely uncomfortable and accepting petting and handling and such. I think as she feels better she will let me know by wanting to get out of the fours walls she is stuck with . . . 🙂

    • My uncle’s cat had a hind leg amputation and he’s a complete tinker now, he even knocks on the door when he wants to be let in and sits and STARES if he wants you to scratch his ear – which is the one thing they say he really misses because of lack of leg. It’s so amazing how quickly they recover, I hope she’s back to normal soon and you have so so many more years with her because of the amputation.

      • This is a follow-up on my 4/13 post. Just to let everyone know that my baby came through surgery and recovery so well! We took it real slow for those first couple of weeks. Slowly re-introducing her back into normal activity. By the end of four weeks she was almost able to do everything she wanted. Sometimes it was tricky and I could see her re-calculating how to get things done. We are several months out and she is just as good as new — minus a leg! I actually caught her on top of the fridge the other day! 🙂 She sometimes postures to scratch that right ear . . 😦 We all make sure she gets extra scratches there!She is doing anything she wants and is such an inspiration to me. Recently had a 3 month checkup and got an all-clear. Will go back in 3 more months . . .

        • That’s so great to get your update, I wonder how all the cats do, especially as Diesel did so well really, not sure he’d manage the top of the fridge though. And hurrah for all-clear

          • It’s really nice to have found a place to talk about our furry companions and what they’ve gone through and how they’ve come through it . . . It is very encouraging to see all of the success stories. And, to hear about Diesel going strong even as he ages. I worry most (besides the cancer) about something happening to that one leg . . . and how age will affect her mobility. She is tiny, though, so that is a plus . . .

  7. buttons Says:

    Hey .. Just seen diesels story ..

    I’ve recently adopted a kitten that had a badly deformed right front leg and it was removed 10 days ago.. Mr Noodle is only 11 weeks old and he’s doing amazingly well considering.. We had recently lost our special needs cat Buttons and we needed a playmate for our other special needs cat Nutini so we took in Noodle..

    I was wondering did diesel have any seroma issues after surgery? We have had a “sock jumper” on Noodle since the op 10 days ago and I only noticed today that there is a soft swelling around the incision area.. It’s more than likely a seroma as they are quite common after leg amputation surgeries so was wondering if you had any experience of them.. He is due to have his stitches out tomorrow so I’m hoping the vet will agree with me about the seroma and it will gradually dissipate over time..

    Any advice you could offer would be great .. Buttons had sever balance issues so I already have our home equipped for special needs cats ..

    • We didn’t have any post-surgery complications, except a cat that knows how to play for sympathy snacks 🙂 what a great thing you’ve done taking on Buttons.

  8. Fanoulla Costa Says:

    Hi there I’ve just read Your blog about your gorgeous cat Diesel.. My gorgeous girl Missy today had to have her front left leg amputated following a road traffic accident on Monday, she’s already very mobile on 3 legs but I have been sick with worry today wether I’d made the right desicision for her long term.. And after reading about diesel he has given me hope..
    Thanku x

    • Well, Diesels still going strong and I still think it’s the best decision I made, despite the odd worry 🙂 good luck to you and Missy!

  9. Theresa W. Says:

    Just found out today that my 11 year old cat, Elle, has cancer and will need a front leg amputated. I am very saddened. I have had her since she was a kitten. The vet says the cancer in not in the bone but only in the tissue and it has not spread anywhere else in the body so the outcome after the amputation is very good. I have been on the computer for hours today trying to cope with what the future holds for our cat and our family. Most of the articles, including Diesel’s story has given me hope. Like many pet owners, our cat is a member of the family and we love her very much. I am devastated and trying to come to terms with it all. It has been very emotional and I’m just not sure how to overcome the grief I feel. I found comfort in reading Diesel’s story. I am just wondering how other owners initially dealt with a limb amputation and how they got over the anguish. I need to prepare for the surgery in a few days and any advise would be appreciated. I plan to give my kitty the best best care in the days following her surgery and make sure she remains the happiest and sweetest cat she is today. I just need to adjust and get over the heart break I feel today.

  10. arbitrary Says:

    I’m not going to sugar coat it, I think it’s tougher for us than for the cats – they seem to recover quickly, and I remained shell-shocked for ages. We got Diesel back 2h after the operation and the first night was pure hell in terms of watching him come out of the anaesthesia screaming, and the guilt I felt.. I think most amputations involve overnight stays at the vet, so you miss that bit. You’ll give all your attention and love to your cat for the first few weeks, and then you’ll start to settle down and when you watch every bit of progress it all gets easier. My neighbours say the operation changed Diesel, but it didn’t, it just changed how he was with THEM – with me and my husband he didn’t take long to return to his old self, but I still have to stop myself giving him ‘air lifts’ off the sofa if he looks tentative about jumping!

    • R. Thurston Says:

      You are so right! So heartbreaking for us. But, like my vet said, she will recover quickly and have no perception of ‘my leg is missing’. They only know that something is different and they learn to compensate. It took a while to heal well enough to have full reign of the house again. She stayed in one room for quite a while . . and then as she got more mobile and curious I opened the door but gated the hall. She had two rooms and a hall. And, we just went from there as I thought she could handle the activity. Jumping was a challenge, but didn’t take long for her to conquer that battle . . . probably the biggest one plus using the litter box. It was amazing and awesome to watch her return to herself in a relatively short time. We, humans, would have still been in bed with medication.

  11. Thank you sooooo much for sharing about your Diesel. My sweet cat Oreo just had her hind leg amputated today and I am heartbroken !! She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last week. Prognosis is pending, but xrays have shown no metastasis. Now just have to wait for the final results from her leg that was sent to pathology. I am sure she will rally. Just would not want her to be in ANY PAIN. EVER !!!! Thank you again for sharing your story. It has helped alot 🙂

    • Awww, I hope Oreo recovers as well as Diesel did! They are so much happier without the pain and they deal with amputation so well. Diesel’s almost at 5 years since his operation now.. crazy!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your story. My cat Lily is 4 years old and the found a tumour in her upper leg and we had to amputate her leg. They didn’t find anything in the chest xray to suggest spreading but we don’t know for sure as the cells can be so small that they don’t show in the xray. They are going to biopsy the amputated leg to find out what kind of cancer it is and l should get the results in a week. She has been at the vet for the past 3 days and will return home today. I’m alittle nervous about seeing her without her leg and i’m worried about her recovery at home. But reading your blog has really helped me to understand what to expect when she gets home. I hope she recovers just as well as Diesel.

    • R. Thurston Says:

      Good luck with your kitty! My baby had the same thing; tumor in the upper ‘thigh’ area. It was the place she had been getting her rabies vaccine . . . and, that is what caused her cancer. The ironic part is that she is an indoor cat and know will not be receiving any vaccines as she has only one hind leg and can’t take chances with it. Anyway, she will be going for her one-year post check up this month. She has gone every three months for testing and all clean. I think the prognosis improves substantially after the one year mark. I always get nervous and then so relieved to get the good results.

    • R. Thurston Says:

      It is shocking to see right after surgery, but I am sure you will be strong because she will need you so much. Once the hair starts growing in, it will look so much better. Keep us posted . .

      • arbitrary Says:

        Yes! This is exactly it, and why I put up all the gruesome pics of post-surgery. It’s pretty shocking but it’s so much better than the other options.

        • R. Thurston Says:

          Totally! I am so happy to have my sweet baby and companion. It took quite a while before I got used to seeing her without getting caught off guard in my mind and having to ‘remember’. One of the hard things was watching her rump hit the floor until she built up her compensating muscles and being wobbly/falling over while learning a new center of balance. It was an awesome day when I found her on top of the fridge once she was back to ‘normal’. it brought a big smile to my face!

          • arbitrary Says:

            Yeah, we’re quite lucky Diesel couldn’t jump much beforehand cos he’s pretty bad at it still 🙂 But he only falls off things now when he’s fallen asleep on the back of the sofa and stretches (ha ha). Actually I have a lovely pic of him I should post when I remember how to !

    • arbitrary Says:

      if you ever want to talk about it, let me know. It’s now become weird for me to look at pictures of Diesel WITH all his legs.

      • Lily came home last week and as soon as i let her out she was walking and jumped on the couch with no problems. I’m so proud of her. She’s quite the cat! we got the biopsy results and the cancer came back as the bad cancer as osteosarcoma. I just hope she’s with us for some time. She’s a fighter. She’s having a bit of hard time with the litter box but i’m sure that will get better with time. But its been 1 week since her surgery and she’s doing almost everything she used to do and she still has the cone on her head. Thanks for the support!

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