Diesel with 4 legs

Before the operation

Diesel is a young male cat who was discovered to have bone cancer in his front left paw in January 2010. His front left leg was immediately amputated to prevent any possible spread of the cancer, and also to take away the excrutiating pain he was in. This blog details his recovery and life post-operation.

Diesel lives with Malarkey, his annoyingly normal and cute roommate. She’s a few years younger and adores her ‘uncle’ Diesel, while he’s a bit scared of her ebullience! He also lives with his two humans who originally fostered him for Cats Protection before asking if they could keep him.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Diesel’s story. How is Diesel today? My cat may have to go through the same thing – waiting to see if cancer has spread beyond her limb. Any tips or anything you could pass along I would greatly appreciate.

  2. arbitrary Says:

    Heya, I’ll definitely try and do a proper update soon! I know I’ve been a bit lazy since Diesel got pretty fine about it all. He’s doing REALLY well today, he can jump as much as he ever used to and even walks along the beanbag sofa or my lap. Before this he was a bit nervous of soft surfaces but he’s really a much happier cat than he was.

    I’d definitely suggest having the surgery if your vet recommends in. We had a really awful first couple of weeks or worry and torment, followed by a month or two of him acting ‘weirdly’ in terms of keeping himself to himself etc, but we’re now faced with a much happier cat and the missing limb is rarely an issue for him – he still wobbles a little when he first wakes up and stretches, but genuinely I don’t even notice it so much.

    We are still waiting for some of the fur to regrow though!

    The best is advice is to surround yourselves with people you can talk to about it as much as possible. I’m happy to email back and forth, or twitter or whatever. As will many others. It’s a really scary prospect and it seems really severe – but you also can’t think of them as full of human emotions about losing the limb. I’m sure he’s had moments of grumpiness, but he’s also just got on with things…

  3. Ashley Says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that Diesel is doinadjusting well! I would love to be able to email you with any questions, should this surgery need to take place. What’s your email address?

  4. Hi, I was hoping to email you or something. I foster kittens and one of the kittens we have right now is going to need an amputation of her front right paw. She had a bad break in her paw that didn’t heal well before she was rescued and it’s causing her some discomfort and she has trouble walking. I just wanted to know if you have any advice or anything for me. you can email me at christianeelizabeth@gmail.com 🙂

  5. How is he doing? I noticed I still had you in my feedly but no updates and I hope he’s ok still. I started following you because of my cat Pilot (Fighter Pilot we started calling him when he got sick) but we lost him a couple years ago…

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