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Recent pics

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The pictures post

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I’ll do a brief vet summary in a sec, but here’s the pictures. I don’t have any really gross ones, thankfully!

Diesel's bad leg, day before the operation

The boxes we put his food on post-operation

Day 4 (I think), showing how much was shaved and the scar

Taken today, pre-vet trip. Scar & collar and still wants tummy rubs!

Day Seven

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Day Six – I went to work, and hated leaving him, even though my husband was in charge for the day. After the collar was removed to ease feeding, Diesel made a break for the open door to the room and managed to run both down and up-stairs while my husband chased, collar in tow. No more stitches lost, and also full usage of normal size litter tray, and food bowls restored to floor level.

And today, I woke up feeling sad about it all, and continue to do so. I cried when we were talking about him earlier. No reason, he’s doing well and have given him the run of the house while he has the collar on. He came downstairs when I was getting the food ready as he always used to do), but then hated hitting the collar around the lounge and ended up hiding near my old desk, quite safely. We brought him upstairs for a supervised collarless feed, and he’s now re-collared and slumped down in a bit of a funk. The scar continues to heal, he can eat biscuits and manage the litter tray in his collar, and yet I still feel really down about it.

Have turned down a couple of invites to go out next week, I just don’t want to leave him alone, even for a few hours right now. Though I leave him during the day if I need to go shopping – going out for social reasons seems crude. Haven’t played much of my online game at all. I hope my friends realise it’s not stand-offishness, but I can’t concentrate. And no mantter how many times someone says ‘he’ll be fine’ – they don’t have to sit in a room seeing how sad he can be sometimes or staring at the scar.

I did take some photos for the blog, but haven’t got them off the camera yet… maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is the vet check-up. No idea how he’ll take to going back in a cat carrier or if he’ll still be petrified of the vets! Time will tell.