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Day Four

Posted in Diesel, Recovery with tags , , , , , , on January 15, 2010 by arbitrary

It’s been quite a quiet day for Diesel (Thursday 14th January). I let him out to see what was on the other side of the door, and he came out slowly and cautiously. He walked a foot down the hallway and then flopped for a rest, before he finally made it to the top of the stairs and wistfully gazed down them. And slumped again and just watched them. Such a change from his first day back when he was so drugged up and so scared he managed to hurtle down the stairs with no problems at all. Now, he has to regain his courage to try new things, and it’s painfully obvious that his other legs are a little weaker than they could be.

Diesel’s always had fairly weak legs and when we first adopted him at 7 months old we had to spend many hours making him run and jump (with the aid of a tape measure) to try and build them up. Best guess, is that he’d been closed in a fairly small space at his previous home, and not had the ability to run around and develop normally. He has never jumped on kitchen worktops in his life, and his jumping limit is definitely lower than other cats before the loss of the leg! Told you he’s always been our special boy. I will devote a post to how we came to adopt him some day, once the recovery is a bit more complete.

So after the Great Stairs Incident(TM), he went back to his room and back to his safe hiding zone (he used to hide in this spot when he was in agony, so it really much feel safe to him). And we let him be for a while. He perked up again later!

Malarkey was allowed in again, and this time they had a head nudge before she noticed the tuna! She also jumped on the windowsill, on top of a 5ft chest of drawers and over Diesel. Show-off! But in general he’s not shown any concerns about having her near him as he did a week ago. This is good to see.

He’s not repeated his jumping, either to the windowsill or the bed, but he does now roll over onto his back when he wants his tummy rubbed. He has also started to battle me at pill-giving time. Damn! But I’m heartened that he’s learning to use his remaining front paw for battle – just in case he needs it. We’re lucky because he’s never been much of an outdoor cat. He likes 5-10 mins in the backyard chewing grass, but not if the door is closed, so his forays are always limited to summer – but at least that’s something he isn’t missing right now.

His check-up with the vet is now going to be monday. I think it’s supposed to be between today and sunday, but I’m going when I can get a lift. His recovery isn’t worrying, and he’s doing as well as I think we can realistically hope for. I worry about leaving the house for too long, unattended, though – especially as we’ve had a dinner invite. I think I’m going to refuse it. Bad enough I have to go to work tomorrow (though he will have my husband’s loving care!).