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Out of the room, out of the collar

Posted in Diesel, Recovery, Stitches with tags , , , , on January 20, 2010 by arbitrary

After I got back from the shops today, I released the collar and opened the bedroom door. He’s been on the landing, upstairs, downstairs, in the spare bedroom and is now in the computer room with me, near the radiator. Before my husband got home to distract Larky she’s been a bit of a pest, watching him very closely, even shepherding him and asserting her dominance in the house (unfairly). I’ve pretty much left them to it and we had a bit of a hiss from him earlier (to her, not me), but overall things seem to be doing ok.

And here’s the latest pic, taken 10 mins ago from above as he’s right behind me and I’m terrified to move!