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Getting on for Three Weeks

Posted in Diesel, Recovery with tags , , , , , , on January 29, 2010 by arbitrary

Diesel is still pretty much hiding in the spare room. He comes out to eat and use the litter tray, but so far I’ve not put them all that far from the room. We’re both getting braver. He allows us to stroke him, but Larky is being pretty unrelenting in her terror campaign of watching his every move and increasing his nerves, even though she’s not attacked, hissed or been mean to him. She’s just fast and he doesn’t know what to make of her. But he’s eating, the scar is doing really well (4 stitches left to come out) and he seems happy, if nervous.

He’s been downstairs while I prepare food, but I often have to bring it up for him, because if it stays downstairs I know someone else *cough* will eat it. And she’s getting a bit round around the tummy. But this morning he came down in search of biscuits and then made his way to the sofa and the ‘cuddle pillow’. Normally Diesel is reticent about just sitting on the sofa and being stroked, but he likes sitting on a raised cushion – dubbed the cuddle pillow. Today I managed to get a proper cuddle, but mostly cos Larky was upstairs with my husband and so he felt brave.

But still, it’s progress!