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Days lost to hiding

Posted in Diesel, Malarkey, Pictures with tags , , , , , , on January 25, 2010 by arbitrary

So we’ve had a few worried days. Not over his scar or recovery physically, but because Diesel went from hiding out in plain sight or in our bedroom and wanting to be stroked, to hiding in the very back of our spare room, under a futon and definitely out of reach. The room’s a bit of a junk pile, as it’s where we’re storing all sorts of things that had to be moved recently out of the study (which I’m now using as a computer room – make the connection!). Diesel really wanted to get into the spare room. He lay across its doorway for a couple of days. When I was happy the stitches were secure, I let him in – thinkinf he’d have a look round and come out again (it was the only room closed off to him, due to junk!). So he spent most of friday-sunday in there, only emerging to eat, and only if lured out with treats, tuna, or cat food RIGHT by the edge of the futon. And meanwhile, Larky (who usually sleeps in the spare room ON the futon) has been kind of hounding him, rushing in to see what food he’s getting, trying to eat it, jumping RIGHT next to him, etc etc.

So I was getting more and more worried about his mental state, and not being able to comfort him, and whether he’d be scared of us from now on. And then, in-between catching up with Lord of the Rings Online, I popped into the spare room and saw this:

And Diesel spent the rest of the evening under the radiator, allowing strokes and not getting too freaked out by Larky’s presence.

Of course, this morning he’s back to hiding in his safe place. But I’m more satisfied that he will leave when he feels he wants to.

Oh – and here’s another of them, just because: