Ok, 10.5 years old pic!

Super CUTE

Diesel having spotted we have some new pets (degus – rodents)

Most recent picture of Diesel. He’s 10.5 years old now and it’s over 5 years since the amputation! Crazy!!


5 Responses to “Ok, 10.5 years old pic!”

  1. R. Thurston Says:

    Amazing to see! This gives me great hope that my little Gusty (she’s barely 7 lbs.) will do well over time and age . . . I do ponder that. She, too, was 5 at time of surgery. What’s fun to see is her ripping through the house like nobody’s business when she is so inclined!!!

  2. arbitrary Says:

    Yeah, he’s definitely going on strong. It’s encouraging on this blog, which I did mostly to help myself through the process, just how many other cats do so well under the same surgery. Glad little Gusty is doing well!!

  3. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already o.O

  4. Michele Gibbs Says:

    Our Fussy Cat just had to have his front leg amputated a week ago tomorrow. We are so very worried because he has become so reclusive and not social. I see that your Diesel did too. I guess we need to be a little more patient and allow him to hide.

    • arbitrary Says:

      It’s really hard to see them pull away and become reclusive, especially if you’re not expecting it. But they just need some time to get used to their new situation I think (and we all know how proud cats can be!!). Yeah, so I’d say let him hide, but peek in at him and make sure he’s ok too. We had a few little periods where Diesel wanted to hide away, and I panicked every single one of them to try and work out what had changed.

      He’s about to turn 12, which is nuts, (the amputation was when he was 5.5). And if you want a smile, he now sleeps on the back of the sofa and falls off onto me when he doesn’t realise it’s sagging. he did it yesterday and instead of running away, he now settles where he lands and falls asleep again!

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